Mid fall fest.

It’s been over 8 months since I moved to China. Ok, I moved 2 months ago but my story in this beautiful? Country had started 8 months ago.
A lot of things happened during these 8 months, too much to go into details but here I’m live here, try to work here and learn how to be a little bit Chinese.
I tell you, it’s not so easy to actually live here. Language, culture, people’s behave is something I still don’t get or maybe don’t want to get but starting to understand.
Maybe I’m not supposed to complain too much because here it is, my amazing fiancé, who can speak perfect Chinese as he lives here for 8 years already and frankly is probably more Chinese than Indian. I don’t have anything to worry about as he is there for me to translate to deal with each and everything but I will work it out anyway to bit more that a piece of this language.
It’s Chinese holidays started 3 days ago and after we finally get back home, ok we spent 3 days to figure it out how to get there since all bus tickets were sold out for the next 3 days, we made it, and again on our way to celebrate Chinese Mid Fall festival, not in China but in…Thailand.
I’m so excited since Thailand is in my mind from few months. Ok, this time is going to be Bangkok only, but next time, hopefully I will make it there to Krabi to do nice rock climbing. For now just relaxing, shopping and see sighting.
Our flight is tomorrow from Macau so finally I will also be able to see this country. Macau is on the border with Chinese Zhuhai where we are staying overnight and so far could find even Indian restaurant. It’s really easy to find Indian restaurants in China, none of polish ever found but will work on it too.
After our amazing trip in Europe, again we are going for traveling – next stop Thailand.


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