Not only Bangkok

Here we are, after 3 hours spent in the line to Macau border, two and half hour flight, we finally landed in Bangkok. In Thailand you can apply for visa on arrival and as we planned this trip two days before and we didn’t have one, it was our plan too. First surprise which happened, I don’t have to apply for visa, just need a stamp in my passport. Wow! It’ awesome! Rick, as he holds Indian passport, needed to apply for visa. It took around five minutes and1000 bht. That’s it, we’re all done. Now we can just explore!!
I expected Bangkok to be more rushy, more wild and more unorganized than China. But what was my surprise- we saw long the line for taxi and thought, man, let’s take subway but know we gave a try. Ok, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes till we sat in the cab. First you have to tell the attendant where you want to go, which is going to be written on the receipt then you will get your piece of paper with the destination, price list and give it to the taxi. Everything’s smooth and organized. It remained me about our way to Poland, when after over 8 hours on bus, plane and train we finally made it to the Beijing and was trying to get taxi. It took around 1h waiting in the line to get one.
The other thing is the price. In China it can take about 100 rmb to get from the airport to the hotel in the city center, here it was 280 bht which is half of the Chinese price. great! What I can say not only taxi but clothes, items, Food- Thailand is cheap!
First thing we were dreaming about to do after leaving our staff in the hotel was to try original Thai food. We’ve had Thai soup which I can called my favorite now, but after dinner we couldn’t miss to have some drinks.
Ok, what they say about Bangkok it’s true. It’s place for lonely old… And young guys looking for ” adventure”. Nobody hights, nobody pretends. Streets full with ” white” men in company of Thai girls is common. Sukhumvit Road Soi 4 is the largest in the world sex complex and consider as red light district. Ok, but for us it was the best street for having drinks, bbq on the street ( you have to try!) and spending nice time in company of my fiancé.

About bbq in Bangkok – it similar to Chinese bbq places. On the street people selling food,   gathering, siting at the tables. Chinese and obviously Thai love to eat and gathering especially at night. I haven’t seen anybody playing dices as it happens in China but it this care everybody enjoying time in the bars.

Taxis. You can choose tuk tuk, taxi or bike. All of them are extremely cheap and you can make half of the price, its ok. But remember sure you can have a ride for 50 bht with tuk tuk but they will take you to the tailor, jewelry store or any kind of place they have deal with. Those places belongs to their sponsor and for bringing costumers there they get 5 liter of gas/for each. Good deal for them and for travelers who want to save some money on the transportation.

First day we went to the The Grand Palace but as we didn’t wear proper ( actually we were inform about that by some man standing in front off Palace) clothes we decide to come back here later. It was no need as those people try to fool you, you have to wear long pants, and cover your shoulders but you don’t need to wear socks of totally cover your feet. Anyway, it was awesome inside but really crowded, so after 1h we’ve enough of this place and went to China Town. Yes, we live in China but still I really wanted to compere China Town to China Towns in other cities and for sure to China.

Frankly, it’s crowded like China, it’s full of stalls like China, restaurants are like those in China. Ok, Thai China Town looks kind of China Town in NYC or like China in general. No surprises. We get out from there as soon as we found tuk tuk.

Tuk tuk drivers are fast and I would say crazy, but not as crazy as one taxi driver who after long over one hour ride in the traffic and 100 but we bargained, took as to hotel and didn’t say a word just hit steering wheel, shout loudly and drive away…<ups> I guess he realized afterwards it wasn’t worth to take us for such a small money, but well he did…

We totally felt in love in Bangkok. It’s cleaner, more organized, cheaper, fun and more that China is. Rick says: If you wanna do business – it would be Shanghai, for traveling, living an fun Bangkok is better. I cannot say more than agreed but cannot wait to move to Shanghai. One is sure you won’t see as many foreigners in China, even Shanghai, as you see in Bangkok.

Bangkok at night

Tuk tuk ride

Sa-wat-dee kraup


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