About Chinese. again

Chinese are very loud when it comes to conversation on the phone. Especially if you are traveling you will realize what it means. Ok, they talk not only on the bus, in the cafe or on the street. Its not the problem they talk but they talk so loud that if you even would like to rest on your way on the bus you cannot. There worst thing they will pick up the phone and talk during yoga class and they don’t care you came here to focus one thing only. If you say something they will look at you with big surprise on their face. Chinese usually don’t say sorry or please. They will say: ” go there”, “come”, ” do this”. They won’t say “could you…”, ” please help me” etc. they are usually not so polite.
Last time we were witnesses at the cafe. There was that couple, they come to the cafe and the girl with small girl voice said that she doesn’t want to stay here. They left but after 5 minutes they come back. The girl with madness at her face don’t want to seat there and here. Chinese have world for that: sa jiao. The girl actually act like little girl, and expect guy to take care of her, all the things even if she can deal with all the things herself. She acts like little girl when she cannot get what she wants. I read it’s really common for Chinese girls, the most surprising things what I saw here is when guy carrying girl’s pierce. It often happens that guy carries girlfriends bag on the shoulder like his own. It makes smile on my face. Its really helpful when your bag is heavy and big but when it’s small little pierce, there is something which not supposed to happen.
For me another surprising thing in Chinese is when people, especially girls say to you how beautiful you are. It doesn’t in my country. Girls don’t say to each other, hey you are so beautiful!
Here it’s really common and girls dont have any problems to say that. Today some people come to see apartment we are renting, and women who was one of those people, instead of looking at the apartment, she was looking at me and saying how beautiful I’m. If you are really white, but you cannot be tanned and your skin have to be purely white, you are beautiful. It’s western countries usually people try to get tan and more tan they are more better it looks, they think. Here is opposite.
We are on our way to Poland. Christmas are gone but we decide to go as we probably won’t find time to go in near future. Change 17 C degrees into -5. We will see.


Few word about Chinese habits

Western and Asian courtiers are not only two totally different worlds but also two totally different places with different people and their habits.

When I was coming to China at first place all I knew about Chinese that they speak…Chinese they eat rice and burping for them as normal as for polish saying excuse me. But eating rice every day, reading and listening in Chinese and burping were not only things I have to use to while living in China.
Chinese frequently speed out, in the car, on the bus, on the street or at the airport. They don’t care if it’s nice restaurant or dirty bus station. They take stuff into their throat and speed all the way out, no matter where. So you better be careful when you driving bike and suddenly somebody spread out on you from standing or driving next to you car.
The another thing, which not so often but happens also in Poland. I’m talking about taking over your place in the line. For example, you are waiting in the line to buy bus ticket, pay for groceries or just catch the taxi and there will be at least 5 Chinese, coming from nowhere, taking your place and having your taxi, buying last ticket to place you were about to go or submitting documents while you are still waiting because you didn’t have enough time to react. Ok, Chinese seems to be rats race. If you are not first somebody else will be there before you, so all you can do is just fight, to be first. Here the is no time to wait, time is money, or maybe Chinese just don’t want to wait, yeah like all of us. This thing I learn to react, either by shouting at somebody in English as I cannot speak Chinese, and that person just look at me like he/she doesn’t realize it wasn’t polite to do, or just stepping in from of person who’s took my place and giving to cashier my stuff or my documents to be submitted first. This is how I’ve taken my first lesson of been not polite but this is only way to survive in this country. Some people would say, you have to wait, you have to realize its not your country and you should let it go, but I just can’t.
Anyway, one more thing which surprise me is kids peeing on the street or even more. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. I guess people here thing that is not healthy for kids t keep it on hold when they need to use toilet and took it so serious that you will see and don’t be shocked when see kids peeing in the street, in front of shopping mall, in the subway or into airport’s thrash bin.
During the lunch break, between 12 and 3 in the afternoon, Chinese like to take small nap. I like this habit here and use it as much as can but usually in my own bed. People in china don’t use only bed to take a nap, but any place which can be convenient for that. For example, bench in the park, shopping mall, or grass in the park. Sometimes there is no time to get back home, or it’s just to far. In that case any bench will be the option.
People here really are scare of getting tan. For that reason they carry with themselves umbrella. It’s sunny, rainy or cloudy but umbrella is the must. I’ve been asked a lot of time where is my umbrella and if I don’t scare to get tan. Hell, I wish to get tan but sun doesn’t work for me. I can say in this situation, lucky me. More you white, more you are beautiful in China.
In south part of China there is no central heating system in the apartments. It’s getting colder but not so cold as it is in Shanghai, Beijing or even Hunan. But if it gets colder, it can be around 15 C degrees in the apartments. There is no other way but live in the coat, which includes wear the coat in your house, go and seat in the jacket at work and sleep in the coat, sometimes:) but for this also solution can be found, drinking Chinese baiju or go for public exercise in the park. It will definitely warm you up.








Japanese Chinese issue

I woke up in the morning, sorry I was wake up in the morning by wind blowing trees around. Ok, not like it’s not normal, but well I’m crazy scared of typhoon here. First thing I do when I see big wing is run and close all the windows.
No typhoon happens in yangjiang in years only storms. But anyway like with weather today is stormy and tomorrow we will see sun, hopefully… Anyway we went to Japanese restaurant as we love sushi. Need to be mention for about one month we were only costumers there. Yes, since Japanese – Chinese conflict for island Chinese stopped eat sushi. It was small demonstration in yangjiang against Japan and since that one Japanese restaurant, I have to mention the best in the city was closed. I was hoping it is just temporary and they will reopen in shortly. Nothing like that happened, actually today they sold this place. I am not sure what happened as it was the best place in town and they’ve had costumers, so it’s not like business went bad. The another restaurant, not so good, didn’t have costumers as well but they decided to wait and they were right as now over month after costumers came back. So for one month we were only costumers of one of the Japanese restaurants in yangjiang but it didn’t happen only in here. The same in Dongguan I guess as we went there only once and what a surprise, happened to be only costumers as well. Dongguan in the nice city well developed with bunch of the Japanese restaurants. We found Guangzhou different. There Japanese restaurants still were occupied. I guess people weren’t touch so much about what’s going on in politics.
I hope it will stay that way, otherwise I have to learn how to deal with Japanese-Chinese conflict in my own kitchen.

Christmas is coming to town

Christmas is definitely not Chinese thing but no worries, Christmas will find you even in Here.
We live in Yangjiang, small city in south china. In Europe definitely you wouldn’t say is small city but here if you wanna see “real chin” you have to visit one of those places. yangjiang is small but nice city with a lot of rich people. If you think china is poor you are so wrong. People even don’t drive Chinese cars but buy overseas to keep “face”.
What funny thing about yangjiang is there is a lot of cafe shops here, one next to another, which can be surprising as Chinese don’t drink to much coffee but milk tea or hot water. But yes, there is 5 cafe shops within 50 meter length.only one is quite busy. What with rest I don’t know.
But back to christmas time, we were about to go to Poland to celebrate Christmas with my family. Things happend, mostly visa things, which probably make us stay in China. There is 20 Celsius degrees outside and most of all first cHristmas without any snow. In supermarkets we are able to here Christmas carols, there is few poor Christmas trees in the stores but you won’t feel that atmosphere you will find in west countries. If you ask me if I miss it, I will say hell yeah, I even got myself lights to hang in the house, no tree though as I couldn’t find one I liked. But ok, if I have to celebrate Christmas here I will do it. We are about to move to Shenzhen, as we kind of tired of small cities already. I really hope it will happen before Christmas.
Last week we went to Guangzhou, and what surprising and also reliving, there is bunch of Christmas trees, beautiful Christmas tree, everywhere! I was impressed, even in Poland you won’t find it. For that reson I hope my Christmas here we will spend in big cities so we will get some of desire atmosphere. Maybe it’s me who is crazy about as rick is Muslim and don’t care too much about Christmas but also were excited about are Christmas in Poland.
For now we don’t know what is our next move but hope we will figure it out soon.


Chinese food and dining

There is no other food Chinese would eat with every meal during the day. All of us know that is called rice. And if you think that you will find all kinds of rice in China, you are definitely wrong. Rice here is expensive and usually you can find few kinds of rice only in the supermarket. Brown, basmati, yasmine…if you like them, you’d better find them online. Yes, china not only doesn’t have too many choices of rice but also has to import from another countries to support such a big consumption of it.
Ok, I am not a big fun of rice but when I’ve had to eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner i had to say stop. I am from Poland but we don’t eat potatoes in different form for each and every meal.
Here in the morning it will be porridge and one bowl of rice for lunch and dinner. In Guangdong province it’s famous t eat soup with every meal. During the day you have to also drink a lot of hot water and I think that’s why in this part of china is so difficult to find fat people.
The other thing which surprised me is tea. Chinese drink tea, they have nice sets of pots and cups to brew the tea which you can find in each house or office but again there is not to much kinds of tea you can find in the houses or even in the stores. The are store only with tea but there are not too much occupied as I would expect.
Chinese love dining. In small city you will find a lot of BBQ places on the street. There are cheap and serve usually kebabs, grilled veggies like eggplants, or porridge, noddles etc. you can find also sushi, yes is kind f surprising but they can m sushi for you. with every dining or KTV time comes dices with is the major entertain for Chinese. They eat they drink and play dices.
All foreigners would ask, how about dogs? Do they eat dogs. Unfortunately yes, they do eat dogs. Few weeks ago I still wasn’t confident that is true until my trip to the dirty market for some fruit shopping. I saw big dog, yes it was killed dog for sell and the other thing for food. Not all Chinese eat dogs but it’s not anything embarrassing or weird to eat dog. They eat snake, turtles, birds, cockroaches, bugs and a lot of things I scare to even look at.
But the most important things – there is polish vodka in supermarket so at least some beverage I can enjoy here. And in big cities you will find all food you can only image.