Chinese food and dining

There is no other food Chinese would eat with every meal during the day. All of us know that is called rice. And if you think that you will find all kinds of rice in China, you are definitely wrong. Rice here is expensive and usually you can find few kinds of rice only in the supermarket. Brown, basmati, yasmine…if you like them, you’d better find them online. Yes, china not only doesn’t have too many choices of rice but also has to import from another countries to support such a big consumption of it.
Ok, I am not a big fun of rice but when I’ve had to eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner i had to say stop. I am from Poland but we don’t eat potatoes in different form for each and every meal.
Here in the morning it will be porridge and one bowl of rice for lunch and dinner. In Guangdong province it’s famous t eat soup with every meal. During the day you have to also drink a lot of hot water and I think that’s why in this part of china is so difficult to find fat people.
The other thing which surprised me is tea. Chinese drink tea, they have nice sets of pots and cups to brew the tea which you can find in each house or office but again there is not to much kinds of tea you can find in the houses or even in the stores. The are store only with tea but there are not too much occupied as I would expect.
Chinese love dining. In small city you will find a lot of BBQ places on the street. There are cheap and serve usually kebabs, grilled veggies like eggplants, or porridge, noddles etc. you can find also sushi, yes is kind f surprising but they can m sushi for you. with every dining or KTV time comes dices with is the major entertain for Chinese. They eat they drink and play dices.
All foreigners would ask, how about dogs? Do they eat dogs. Unfortunately yes, they do eat dogs. Few weeks ago I still wasn’t confident that is true until my trip to the dirty market for some fruit shopping. I saw big dog, yes it was killed dog for sell and the other thing for food. Not all Chinese eat dogs but it’s not anything embarrassing or weird to eat dog. They eat snake, turtles, birds, cockroaches, bugs and a lot of things I scare to even look at.
But the most important things – there is polish vodka in supermarket so at least some beverage I can enjoy here. And in big cities you will find all food you can only image.














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