Christmas is coming to town

Christmas is definitely not Chinese thing but no worries, Christmas will find you even in Here.
We live in Yangjiang, small city in south china. In Europe definitely you wouldn’t say is small city but here if you wanna see “real chin” you have to visit one of those places. yangjiang is small but nice city with a lot of rich people. If you think china is poor you are so wrong. People even don’t drive Chinese cars but buy overseas to keep “face”.
What funny thing about yangjiang is there is a lot of cafe shops here, one next to another, which can be surprising as Chinese don’t drink to much coffee but milk tea or hot water. But yes, there is 5 cafe shops within 50 meter length.only one is quite busy. What with rest I don’t know.
But back to christmas time, we were about to go to Poland to celebrate Christmas with my family. Things happend, mostly visa things, which probably make us stay in China. There is 20 Celsius degrees outside and most of all first cHristmas without any snow. In supermarkets we are able to here Christmas carols, there is few poor Christmas trees in the stores but you won’t feel that atmosphere you will find in west countries. If you ask me if I miss it, I will say hell yeah, I even got myself lights to hang in the house, no tree though as I couldn’t find one I liked. But ok, if I have to celebrate Christmas here I will do it. We are about to move to Shenzhen, as we kind of tired of small cities already. I really hope it will happen before Christmas.
Last week we went to Guangzhou, and what surprising and also reliving, there is bunch of Christmas trees, beautiful Christmas tree, everywhere! I was impressed, even in Poland you won’t find it. For that reson I hope my Christmas here we will spend in big cities so we will get some of desire atmosphere. Maybe it’s me who is crazy about as rick is Muslim and don’t care too much about Christmas but also were excited about are Christmas in Poland.
For now we don’t know what is our next move but hope we will figure it out soon.



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