Japanese Chinese issue

I woke up in the morning, sorry I was wake up in the morning by wind blowing trees around. Ok, not like it’s not normal, but well I’m crazy scared of typhoon here. First thing I do when I see big wing is run and close all the windows.
No typhoon happens in yangjiang in years only storms. But anyway like with weather today is stormy and tomorrow we will see sun, hopefully… Anyway we went to Japanese restaurant as we love sushi. Need to be mention for about one month we were only costumers there. Yes, since Japanese – Chinese conflict for island Chinese stopped eat sushi. It was small demonstration in yangjiang against Japan and since that one Japanese restaurant, I have to mention the best in the city was closed. I was hoping it is just temporary and they will reopen in shortly. Nothing like that happened, actually today they sold this place. I am not sure what happened as it was the best place in town and they’ve had costumers, so it’s not like business went bad. The another restaurant, not so good, didn’t have costumers as well but they decided to wait and they were right as now over month after costumers came back. So for one month we were only costumers of one of the Japanese restaurants in yangjiang but it didn’t happen only in here. The same in Dongguan I guess as we went there only once and what a surprise, happened to be only costumers as well. Dongguan in the nice city well developed with bunch of the Japanese restaurants. We found Guangzhou different. There Japanese restaurants still were occupied. I guess people weren’t touch so much about what’s going on in politics.
I hope it will stay that way, otherwise I have to learn how to deal with Japanese-Chinese conflict in my own kitchen.


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