Few word about Chinese habits

Western and Asian courtiers are not only two totally different worlds but also two totally different places with different people and their habits.

When I was coming to China at first place all I knew about Chinese that they speak…Chinese they eat rice and burping for them as normal as for polish saying excuse me. But eating rice every day, reading and listening in Chinese and burping were not only things I have to use to while living in China.
Chinese frequently speed out, in the car, on the bus, on the street or at the airport. They don’t care if it’s nice restaurant or dirty bus station. They take stuff into their throat and speed all the way out, no matter where. So you better be careful when you driving bike and suddenly somebody spread out on you from standing or driving next to you car.
The another thing, which not so often but happens also in Poland. I’m talking about taking over your place in the line. For example, you are waiting in the line to buy bus ticket, pay for groceries or just catch the taxi and there will be at least 5 Chinese, coming from nowhere, taking your place and having your taxi, buying last ticket to place you were about to go or submitting documents while you are still waiting because you didn’t have enough time to react. Ok, Chinese seems to be rats race. If you are not first somebody else will be there before you, so all you can do is just fight, to be first. Here the is no time to wait, time is money, or maybe Chinese just don’t want to wait, yeah like all of us. This thing I learn to react, either by shouting at somebody in English as I cannot speak Chinese, and that person just look at me like he/she doesn’t realize it wasn’t polite to do, or just stepping in from of person who’s took my place and giving to cashier my stuff or my documents to be submitted first. This is how I’ve taken my first lesson of been not polite but this is only way to survive in this country. Some people would say, you have to wait, you have to realize its not your country and you should let it go, but I just can’t.
Anyway, one more thing which surprise me is kids peeing on the street or even more. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. I guess people here thing that is not healthy for kids t keep it on hold when they need to use toilet and took it so serious that you will see and don’t be shocked when see kids peeing in the street, in front of shopping mall, in the subway or into airport’s thrash bin.
During the lunch break, between 12 and 3 in the afternoon, Chinese like to take small nap. I like this habit here and use it as much as can but usually in my own bed. People in china don’t use only bed to take a nap, but any place which can be convenient for that. For example, bench in the park, shopping mall, or grass in the park. Sometimes there is no time to get back home, or it’s just to far. In that case any bench will be the option.
People here really are scare of getting tan. For that reason they carry with themselves umbrella. It’s sunny, rainy or cloudy but umbrella is the must. I’ve been asked a lot of time where is my umbrella and if I don’t scare to get tan. Hell, I wish to get tan but sun doesn’t work for me. I can say in this situation, lucky me. More you white, more you are beautiful in China.
In south part of China there is no central heating system in the apartments. It’s getting colder but not so cold as it is in Shanghai, Beijing or even Hunan. But if it gets colder, it can be around 15 C degrees in the apartments. There is no other way but live in the coat, which includes wear the coat in your house, go and seat in the jacket at work and sleep in the coat, sometimes:) but for this also solution can be found, drinking Chinese baiju or go for public exercise in the park. It will definitely warm you up.









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