About Chinese. again

Chinese are very loud when it comes to conversation on the phone. Especially if you are traveling you will realize what it means. Ok, they talk not only on the bus, in the cafe or on the street. Its not the problem they talk but they talk so loud that if you even would like to rest on your way on the bus you cannot. There worst thing they will pick up the phone and talk during yoga class and they don’t care you came here to focus one thing only. If you say something they will look at you with big surprise on their face. Chinese usually don’t say sorry or please. They will say: ” go there”, “come”, ” do this”. They won’t say “could you…”, ” please help me” etc. they are usually not so polite.
Last time we were witnesses at the cafe. There was that couple, they come to the cafe and the girl with small girl voice said that she doesn’t want to stay here. They left but after 5 minutes they come back. The girl with madness at her face don’t want to seat there and here. Chinese have world for that: sa jiao. The girl actually act like little girl, and expect guy to take care of her, all the things even if she can deal with all the things herself. She acts like little girl when she cannot get what she wants. I read it’s really common for Chinese girls, the most surprising things what I saw here is when guy carrying girl’s pierce. It often happens that guy carries girlfriends bag on the shoulder like his own. It makes smile on my face. Its really helpful when your bag is heavy and big but when it’s small little pierce, there is something which not supposed to happen.
For me another surprising thing in Chinese is when people, especially girls say to you how beautiful you are. It doesn’t in my country. Girls don’t say to each other, hey you are so beautiful!
Here it’s really common and girls dont have any problems to say that. Today some people come to see apartment we are renting, and women who was one of those people, instead of looking at the apartment, she was looking at me and saying how beautiful I’m. If you are really white, but you cannot be tanned and your skin have to be purely white, you are beautiful. It’s western countries usually people try to get tan and more tan they are more better it looks, they think. Here is opposite.
We are on our way to Poland. Christmas are gone but we decide to go as we probably won’t find time to go in near future. Change 17 C degrees into -5. We will see.


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