Resident permit in China

Christmas wasn’t as I expected. Actually Christmas Eve we spent in polish restaurant in Foshan near Guangzhou. I was really excited to go there. Only one polish restaurant in south of China and it Christmas, has to be somehow close to polish celebration. Actually it wasn’t. But anyway after few shots of zoladkowa Gorzka we left. Outside it was big nice celebration, parades and a lot of fun. Pictures unfortunately are missing as we accidentally lost the phone somewhere on our way.
On the second day of Christmas we decided- yes we are going to Poland. I’ve had mix feelings about that. One part of me wanted to sty in nice and warm China, the other wanted to go and meet with the family.
In Poland we spent 3 weeks. 3 long boring weeks. Yes, there is not too much to do during the winter there. We shuffle the driveway off the snow, we slept at 5 in the evening we the most important enjoyed polish food.
But another thing we finally proceed my working visa for China.
It’s not easy to actually do it, especially if you try to get all the documents by your own.
The most difficult part is to obtain employment license from Labour Ministry. You need to fill in thousand of forms and wait until they tell you something is missing but yeah, in my situation as I’ve got already my employee ID I didn’t need employment license but we thought lets do it in the case.
Embassies also require invitation letter from duly authorize unit. This document is totally difficult to get and actually we didn’t even try to do it. We checked with my Embassy and somehow they didn’t require that kind of invitation. Lucky me!
The last thing is health check up, as I did it already in China on the official form I didn’t have to do it in Poland.
With those documents I applied for visa and here we go after few they I’ve got my working visa. What a beautiful day!
Long weeks in Poland passed away and we are back in China. First thing we went to do it was work permit which require a lot of paperwork again but we went thru it and after one day we’ve had my work permit. I finally received my resident permit. The happiest day in this year.


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