3 months journey lets get goin’

Well, it’s been a while since I published my last post. I wish to write more often so that I will keep my memories.

Here we go now, in Kuala Lumpur again. We decided to start our 3 months right here in the city which never sleeps. It’s 2 in the morning but the airport doesn’t seem to know what is bed time.
People sleeps everywhere, on the floor, benches, chairs, in the cafe shops, dining, eating, waiting…
Still you can also catch the bus to Kuala Lumpur main city. Is will cost 10 RYT and if it’s before 6am you will either need to take taxi or wait for the first train to arrive and take you to your hotel.
We decided to stay in bukiet bintang, which is actual city center of Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately due to high season,we couldn’t early check in to our hotel and were forced to take another way more expensive room. As we already have been to Kuala Lumpur, we just dine in local restaurants, stroll around and wait for our next flight to Langkawi.

Langkawi is island in Malaysia. Unfortunately this is what I can say. After our trip to Bali, Phuket or PhiPhi Island we don’t have to many good things to say about our stay in Langkawi. There is no another transportation here but taxis. 10 minutes ride will cost you around 6usd which is bit expensive for asia and more important in comparison to for example Bali. Yet hotels are also way more expensive with worst standard. First night we were staying in guest house in the village, which didn’t have anything to offer, moreover happened to be disturbing at night due to noisecoming out from the street and walk to the beach was just 10 minutes but on the way back in the evening there was no light on the streets which made us feel bit insecure.
Next day we move to different mote in main town. It was ok but as I said there is not too much to do in Langkawi especially during monsoons. We did parasailing which was amazing but we were ripped off as we didn’t check the prices with local agents. Also we did island hooping which was actually last minute before our flight to Hanoi.

To be honest we couldn’t wait when we gonna leave the island. It was expensive. Yes, probably if you don’t live in Asia you won’t find it much expensive but for us it was.

On our way to Hanoi we’ve got land over in Kuala. Lumpur. We had to sleep at the airport while waiting for our flight. I need to say that I am fun more of Singapore airport as it’s also airport for connecting flight where people can sleep in nice chairs, on the carpet or benches which is plenty of then. Kuala Lumpur even thought its so popular for overnight stay doesn’t offer to much that late open restaurants.

See you in Hanoi


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