After our experience in Hanoi we read on Internet few advices from other travelers about Vietnam but even you are aware of all scams waiting for you, sometimes you just can avoid it.
We arrived in Saigon in the late evening. We already booked the hotel so just hired taxi to take us there. It was in the district 1, place where you meet most of the backpackers and travelers visiting this city. We just asked to taxi driver how much it can cost to get us there. He said 200000 dongs. Meter showed at the end 153000 but he asked us for 200000 as we agreed well we paid but never ever don’t ask for the price just ask to use meter.
Our hotel didn’t have elevator neither window. We needed to climb 5th floor with our luggage and yet the other day we found the better hotel for a cheaper price. It’s off the season so all you need to do is bargain. We also found our restaurant which was the cheapest and I think the better quality food that the others. They have those deals 10000dongs for a bottle beer which I don’t know how do the do that as even in store beer is more expensive.
Saigon has few attraction to see like Notre Dame cathedral, and some mosques and temples. We mostly enjoyed night life by sitting in the restaurant, observing people, and tasting local food.
One day we were enjoying our time in the part while I saw one men hiding behind the tree and quietly trying to grab the backpack of foreigners sitting on the next bench. While V shout at him he start running away and was caught by police man. In few seconds it was like 3 more police men around him and asking him questions. He brought him back to the place where he was hiding and put bat between his hands and back. It was quite shocking for us what just had happened. It was like police was waiting for him to do some mistake.
We start conversation with mentioned foreigners which end up in bar and then some restaurant famous for crab which actually was not worth to go by the way.
The another day we went for another walk and come back by taxi. Unfortunately we realized that meter in the taxi moving so fast which is impossible fast as we already took few taxis before. We asked taxi driver to stop and decide to walk the rest of the way as he happened to be scam.
Another scam story is regarding tuk tuk man. While we were sitting at the table of the street juice shop in front of our eyes stopped tuk tuk with foreign girl getting off. The tuk tuk guy asked her for 30 usd which is quite expensive for the ride. We paid way less because around 7usd for 1 h ride in Hanoi. Well she declined to pay and while he turned his head back she just throw some money on the tuk tuk seat and walked away. When he reliZe that he wasn’t paid enough the followed her and made her come back with him. She ended up giving him all money she got in her pierce which was about 15-20 usd extra. We check on you tube tuk tuk scam in Saigon and it was the same tuk tuk guy as from this story but some people as we read ended up paying 270usd for ride!!!!
Well Saigon is nice city to visit better that Hanoi for sure but all the tourists need to be aware of all the scams waiting for them here. Yes Vietnam is cheap and it should be but only if you stay cautious and won’t fell victim of some scam. Some people would say few dollars won’t make a different, yeah but if that just tell me in advance to hide the reality from me so we can decide if we accept it or not. Not all foreigners are rich and not all of us can afford all the bribes, scams and extra unusual fees. We are here to enjoy not look behind our back coz maybe somebody prepare some trap on us. We find out Vietnam not so good place to enjoy your stay. All those people approaching you trying to sell you things and when you say no after hundreds of time they will give you a look that they want to hurt you we just thought after reading all the stories how wCambodia and Laos people making use of foreigners we though maybe next time. Thailand here we ho again;)


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