We are already in Mumbai but I need to first write about our experience in Kolkata as it’s our first destination in India. We have arrived in Kolkata late night so while we are sitting in the taxi it’s was around 1 am. Well the view throughout the window surprised us completely. Hundreds of people sleeping on the streets in their rickshaws, on the dumpster, just everywhere! I was shocked as I have never ever seen something like that. More in the city, it was getting worst. Trash everywhere, dust in your nose so that you cannot even breath. Finally we arrived in the neighborhood are hotel supposed to be. It was residential area but we couldn’t find our hotel and neither taxi driver nor people living their didn’t know where it could be. We were roaming around about an hours and had enough already so we asked the driver to take us to some another hotel whatever. He took us to neighborhood which was the worst one, though later we got to know that is almost the city center and close to the place where all travelers stay in. At night it looked terrible, in the morning it was quite the same. First hotel when they saw V as he indian they have asked him for 960 rupees per room. After seen me price change up to 3200rupees. Later on they didn’t even wanted to check us in. Maybe because they were scared. I don’t know. Well next hotel was ok with us and we stayed their in the nice room unfortunately with molt on the walls and some bugs in the bucket sitting in the bathroom. I was so tired but could fall asleep easily as it was just after Dival-Indian the most important festival so people had to use all the leftover they had from firecrackers. I have to mention that all those hotels were hiding behind big gates in front which people were sleeping, just on the ground.
In the morning we moved to different hotel, almost all occupied by foreigners. Our room was with nice big window and view on the street so we could observe people.
Well, Kolkata doesn’t belong to pleasant places to travel. Poverty is visible everywhere. Trash in everywhere all over the street. No single trash bin. It’s like all city is one dumpster. Unfortunately.
People live on the street, either live sleep on the ground under the sky or built their own tents with some boxes, fabrics, anything they’ve found on the street. Also all human needs are finalized and done on the street in the front of all people. Street is the toilet, home, shower, kitchen just everything. I am writing that with pity. I really felt sorry for this people. I didn’t want to take picture, I felt like I am going into the privacy of those people living like that. After watching slum dog millionaire you don’t even know if you should give money to the poor child approaching you or its part of the company they are forced to work for. Some people working hard, pulling carts with people just barefoot like animals. Some of them just sleeping on the street for whole of the time. One rickshaws man approach us and offered rickshaws ride when we refused he said “no ride but we still have to eat, right”. :/
All tourist as we observed from our awesome window were just roaming around the same street for hours or sitting in the hotels restaurant and thing or asking each other what to do. I was surprised when heard or read that some tourist stayed here for two weeks! I really could believe that somebody could stay here for so long. For us 3 days were too much. I just couldn’t understand what you can do here. We went to few historic places but all the time were approach by people wanted to sell something or sell their service. Moreover almost everywhere smells bad, dust just sitting in your nose and you need to watch out where your feet step. Maybe something wrong with us but we couldn’t enjoy this city, how one can if see so much poverty.
Also is I was surprise even that before I was warned by V. That Indians look. Yes, they look at you from bottom right to the top and give you that look, women- kind of like without respect and man I don’t even have to say it but respect all women traveling to India solo.
This is my first India experience. Maybe not the good one but we will try next in Delhi.


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