I am still here

Wow, I just cannot believe it’s been almost two years since the last time I visited my blog. I have so much writing to make up for. Trip in India, Poland, back in China, Philippines, Taiwan, Europe and more.

Well, we settled for one year in Suzhou, which is the longest we stayed in one place so far. It was also the most productive year for us. My husband after few years of break, finally finished his studies, I in the meanwhile started new one as opportunity showed up. Part time job, new friends and we even got electric bike which I learnt to ride on busy roads of China filled up our year. I would say we got life somehow close to what many would call normal life. But we got bored eventually, couldn’t wait to just pack our stuff and go travel again.

So we left Suzhou in July, went for travelling in Holland and Germany, visited family in Poland and here we are after few amazing days in Hong Kong, back in China.

But China is not the same. Actually it’s the same but we somehow cannot fit here anymore, if any foreigner can really fit here.

We decided that we will move to Guangzhou, after constant cold in Suzhou, high pollution and… actually nothing more comes to mind to be complained. Yes, so we are in Guangzhou already found job, as it’s really easy to find job in China, thinking if it’s  good idea to stay, if we really can live here again.

We didn’t travel so much, to say we know the world, we are not even half way done to visit whole world, but after visiting these few countries we visited we know China is not the best one.

And the main reason is not is food and lifestyle we want to have. Yes, food takes the first place. My husband for some reason doesn’t eat pork and after living in Poland for a while, loves fresh bread, bread spread, meat slices, and other goodies which cannot be found here in China. I for difference, don’t eat meat, try to eat healthy and low fat, where in China everything comes in addition of pork. “Excuse me, does this meal have meat? – I would ask the waiter, No, it doesn’t- I would here. Finally I would get my vegetable fried rice with slices of ham. What the hell but I asked, I would cursed in my mind and loud out too. But after 3 years I know that every meal, even vegetarian one comes with a slice of ham, pork, pork fat or any other meat. Everything has to have meat, and if you ask “Please don’t add meat into my noodles coz I am vegetarian.  they will still do because a small slice of pork meat has to be there, it’s not actually the meat, it’s a necessity. No, I still haven’t learn how to leave with it. And if we are on move, staying in the hotel, relocating, anything, we are just screwed. Then everyday we would wonder, what to eat today, where to go what to order, coz either it will be fat or meat (pork)not less. So in the end, if you don’t like it just take it out and pretend it was never there.

We read many blogs, expats living in Chiang Mai, amazing place, amazing food amazing weather. We are thinking- what a hell, let’s go, let’s try. I guess China is not for us anymore.


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