Renting apartment in China

When it comes to renting an apartment in China it’s actually not so expensive. Last apartment we have rented in Suzhou was for less that 500usd with previous 800 usd in Shenzhen plus utilities, but it was really nice two bedroom apartment in the city center.In a smaller city in China apartment can cost as less as 200usd if you like to stay in small city, which I think can be a good experience for few months.

It’s also quite easy to find a teaching job in China so you will have money for living and saving as well.

If you want to rent an apartment in China you need to use service of an agent in most cases. Unfortunately not many agents can speak English, so you may end that finding English speaking agent which can offer you high ended apartments for a higher price. If you just plan on teaching then there is big chance that school will offer you free accommodation so you don’t need to worry about all the rental process. If you still want to rent an affordable apartment on your own, then you may rely on help of Chinese friend as it may be difficult to communicate with an agent if you don’t speak Chinese.

It’s safe to rent and put your deposit on apartment in China, although we got problem with getting back deposit from our last apartment to that extent we had to call police for help.

We got almost all the deposit we gave and the reason we didn’t fight for all of it  was the fact that landlord use opportunity that we were having flight in few hours and she knew that simply we want be able to file the complaint to the court and we would miss our flight.

You know, because of these kinds of situations sometimes I feel that Chinese people don’t have any feelings. We didn’t ruined anything in the apartment which the landlord inspected very carefully looking for any reason to don’t give our deposit back. Unfortunately for her she could not find anything so simply she said she will pay us half of the money back. When the police came and I was shouting at her, she was just sitting with a smile o her face like it’s ok to steal our money and it’s just how she earns money. Her husband was so embarrassed of her act, asking her to give the money to use, without the results. Policemen also were on our side, assuring her that if we will go to court we will win and she will have to give more money besides the deposit. She was unbreakable. After one hour or so she agreed to give us 2500 out of 3000 RMB which we had to accept rushing for our flight. On our way to an airport, we just knew we just hate Suzhou, Jiangsu and these cold-blooded people. I mean really, if you stay in south part of China and in Jiangsu then you will see the difference, but it doesn’t include Hong Kong as it’s totally different story.


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