Foreign wife of Indian husband

It’s not as easy to get to India as it should be. First the e-tourist visa doesn’t actually functional. Problem with payment made us apply regular way – at the consulate. It was last minute and Consul made sure we will hold our breath until last moment. The we came on Friday evening to pick up our visa as it was promise, visa wasn’t even printed. I am not sure how Indian Consulate works, but my husband got his visa to EU within one day, for free and for long time. My visa was ready after 5 day, after calling Consulate everyday and begging for it. Of course Consul was annoyed by that. No help at all. Moreover visa fee is ridiculous in the situation I was about to stay in India for just a bit more that two weeks.

After receiving our visa we rushed to Shenzhen to deal with storage company which was storing our stuff. We run there into small difficulties too, however we were able to solve them all.

We took off to HK early morning to make for our flight to India. It took around 2h to her from Futian port to the airport. Transportation in HK is quite convenient and doesn’t require unnecessary struggle.

Surprisingly we landed in Delhi without any delayed.

To take the taxi from the airport you need to prepaid outside for the taxi, receive the slip and look for the driver which will take you to your hotel.

Unfortunately we weren’t about to stay in Delhi for any longer thus we chose the hotel near the airport. I wanted to do some shopping before we go to my husband’s family, we even found very big mall next to the airport however we weren’t able to pay with our Chinese cards and only atm we could withdraw money from – HSBC wasn’t there.

I was surprise how many Chinese I saw in the mall. After Thailand, Hong Kong and Europe, India become another destination for Chinese shopping trips. Due to the fact that Chinese travel in group and with organise tour agents, there is not much of the problem for them to just hop on the plane and go to such a country as India.

We got our flight at 6 in the morning. The taxi we have booked with our hotel’s front dest weren’t there. The front desk guy was a bit surprise but he assure us taxi will be here in 2 minutes. Of course we knew it’s not true as they forgot to book it and it can take time. Fortunately there was one taxi standing just outside. We reached the airport at around 5 am and we reached our flight in time. The flight got one stopover and it was quite messy to switch seats and everything but shortly we reached our destination.

My husband spoke about his family and house few times. House was twice smaller as he described.It actually happened to have just one bedroom. From what I understood the other walls were broke down to make bigger space for incoming wedding of my husband’s brother.

I was bit shocked as I couldn’t imagine where would we actually sleep. There was just one bed for whole the people in the house. How do they sleep? Well we got that problem solved. We hired the person who would make beds from the leftover wood desks. So here we go, sleeping on the homemade bed. There rest of the people sleep on the floor. We also have two bathroom. They actually so called bathrooms have toilet seat ( it’s the bathroom I and my husband use) and the other bathroom with squatting toilet. We don’t have neither shower or bathtube. We need to fill the buckets with water from outside and flash the toilet with it. If we need to take a shower simply we heat up the water and use it to rinse our body. The house has open space so actually we don’t have any privacy. We sleep in the hallway so our private life we share with anybody who enters the house or pass thru the hallway.

The floors don’t have flooring, it just simple cement floor, really less furniture in the house.

People here life simple life. Without unnecessary equipments. But parent’s of my husband still can afford cleaning lady who comes every day to clean the dishes, broom the floors, do laundry.

It’s quite interesting for me as a foreigner to watch and comprehend whatever is happening here. Prayers, wearing saree, cooking. It’s all happening in front of my eyes yet I cannot believe this is the place my husband grew up. He is nothing like his family. He doesn’t even look so Indian and this is the reason ( plus definitely my white face ) which makes that we get cheated everywhere.

Also, surprise surprise we have goats passing by my bedroom every morning to go outside. That’s amazing.

As we live this simple life now, we also didn’t have internet for few days as we got sim card from the agent and he took quite a time to go to the company and register our cards, however we had to use internet for work and we couldn’t access it anywhere. The only place has internet is McDonalds. Halleluja!

So now, we are preparing for incoming weeding of my husband’s brother. My mother in law is really concern about me and what I am going to wear, western clothes are not allowed! She and granny got me one salwar however it cannot be worn on the wedding and I need to wear spree and lengha. My husband also needs to but Indian clothes so for that we are going for shopping today.

I am not sure how to behave or dress up here as it is so different from th place I grew up and live. Also I don’t understand the language and it’s crazy difficult to communicate with other people.

Lets see.

People who visit our house give my some money as it’s part of the culture I cannot reject it. One aunt gave me also neckless which made my mother mad as she doesn’t want other people that her to give me gifts plus neckless was already worn so it’s not supposed to be given as a gift.






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