Thailand, here we go again

We supposed to go to Laos and cambodia as a part of our previous itinerary. Unfortunately due to some visa issues, as V. Couldn’t get a visa to thailand from cambodia by land we needed to change our plans. Ok maybe the was another reason, as we don’t like to look behind our shoulder every time we go somewhere or be scammed and we read to many complains from travelers about both those countries. Well maybe it’s not the reason to cancel the trip but yet we didn’t feel like it’s the time for us to go there. Thailand here we go. But hey not so fast!!! Vietnam didn’t want to let us go so easy. Again visa problem. Indians can obtain visa on arrival at the airports in thailand. They will required some bank statements or proof that you have enough money to stay and also return ticket. Yes but as it would be our 3rd time there they never ever ask for those things. Just pay visa fee and here is thailand. I guess man airlines clerk felt more than just a clerk. He asked V. To give him return ticket. We’ve had ticket but stated that he will leave thailand in 3 weeks. Nope it’s not good, visa will be issue only for 15 days. He didn’t let him go even when we insist that he cannot decide that and it’s not his problem that thai immigration never check that but it won’t help. We tried also with airasia to change our previous flight but even we received an email stated that we can change the flight from thailand to Kolkata date due to departure time change, air asia clerk asked us for unbelievable high cost of changing this flight that we could buy new tickets!!! We go mad and forced by airport clerks from both airlines we were trying to change our flight online with poor internet connection it was taking so long that we risked missing our flight. Finally in last minutes we manage to change our flight so we could board.
In thailand they even didn’t ask for return tickets but here you go, People from Saigon airport just wanted to make out life more difficult.
We have finally arrived in thailand. I don’t know why but this country makes us come back all the time.
We didn’t book any hotel and thought we will just find something walk in but we couldn’t be more wrong. All we could find it was nasty old school Miami hotel with extra fee for internet. We were so tired that we didn’t even wanted to look more but for the next days we manage to book nice last minute deal with best western for the same price. Yay.
In thailand the most important is shopping. Well everybody knows that and as we live in china we pay attention on this there is hundred of Chinese coming here for shopping experience. Due to this fact you won’t have any problems using union pay -Chinese issued card which is difficult to use or withdraw money especially in western countries.
In Bangkok we just eat, drink, shop and enjoy.
Few days we also spent in Pattaya. For 124 baths you can take a mini bus from Bangkok ekamei bus station to pattaya. In Pattaya you won’t find to much to do just beach, which is really not convenient, massage shops, spas and go go clubs. Well after few days we will get bored so we just will spend here three days to take the most of this city. By that time we visited floating market-which is the biggest in thailand, went to the beach and tried pancakes with bananas from the street hawker.
Pattaya, I need to mention that is full of Russians. Yes, there is beach there are Russians. It’s remained me of Sanya in china.
Pattaya like all tourist places in Thailand also is filled with old foreigners holding hands with young thai girls but this I will leave without a comment.

It’s time to come back to Bangkok and take another flight this time to India. Well let’s see…


Mid fall fest.

It’s been over 8 months since I moved to China. Ok, I moved 2 months ago but my story in this beautiful? Country had started 8 months ago.
A lot of things happened during these 8 months, too much to go into details but here I’m live here, try to work here and learn how to be a little bit Chinese.
I tell you, it’s not so easy to actually live here. Language, culture, people’s behave is something I still don’t get or maybe don’t want to get but starting to understand.
Maybe I’m not supposed to complain too much because here it is, my amazing fiancĂ©, who can speak perfect Chinese as he lives here for 8 years already and frankly is probably more Chinese than Indian. I don’t have anything to worry about as he is there for me to translate to deal with each and everything but I will work it out anyway to bit more that a piece of this language.
It’s Chinese holidays started 3 days ago and after we finally get back home, ok we spent 3 days to figure it out how to get there since all bus tickets were sold out for the next 3 days, we made it, and again on our way to celebrate Chinese Mid Fall festival, not in China but in…Thailand.
I’m so excited since Thailand is in my mind from few months. Ok, this time is going to be Bangkok only, but next time, hopefully I will make it there to Krabi to do nice rock climbing. For now just relaxing, shopping and see sighting.
Our flight is tomorrow from Macau so finally I will also be able to see this country. Macau is on the border with Chinese Zhuhai where we are staying overnight and so far could find even Indian restaurant. It’s really easy to find Indian restaurants in China, none of polish ever found but will work on it too.
After our amazing trip in Europe, again we are going for traveling – next stop Thailand.